You need at least the mentioned factors for start trading.

  • Setting up & Install Most secure Operation system for trading $40
  • >>> Setting up & Install Personal DPS for preventing an account banned $20
  • Opening safe & secure Exchange account for customers $15
  • >>> Exchange Account with minimum $200 Balance
  • >>> Bot Subscription monthly/Annual start with $25
  • >>> Analytical Signals Subscription monthly/Annual start with $40
  • >>> The Personal Telegram User ID
  • Learn how to use the services all $200

Psccts™ Advice : You need all the factors for your safety.

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Psccts™ – Pars Smart Cryptocurrency Trading System
We strictly follow the privacy policies, transparency in the transmission data and protection of fraudulently abuse of individuals lacking of awareness. It is not possible except by using our state-of-the-art system with 24/7 support. So, Psccts™ will try to do its best to keep you safe and secure.